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We have an air exchange which rotates stale air out and fresh air in, and there are several pet boarding options to choose from including themed suites, V.I.P and condo areas and the Town & Country indoor/outdoor area for dogs used to being outside. There is a separate kitty condo area for cat boarding, where they can see outside and other things, but they can’t hear or see the dogs while boarding. We shuttle to and from our pet salon in Sioux Falls for your convenience, and there are multiple pet discounts if you have more than one dog or cat.
It’s your dog’s “home away from home” when you have to travel from Sioux Falls and need to find a pet sitter. Our philosophy is when you are gone, for either a short one or two night stay or an extended vacation, your dog or cat should also be on vacation, not in a dark prison.
The manager is a dog behaviorist, so if a dog is having any trouble, he will work with them so their stay is more enjoyable. To find out more information or to book your appointment you can reach the resort by calling 605.370.5543.

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Our dog behaviorist believes in the naturalistic approach to dog training.

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Our pet groomers style your pets with the latest and best techniques.

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Our pet boarding facility is located on 11 acres of land in a beautiful setting in the country, just minutes away from Sioux Falls between Harrisburg and Canton. We built our pet care facility in the country so we are not restricted by codes on how long the dogs can be outside. When it’s nice, the dogs enjoy many hours outside the dog boarding area in our beautiful country setting. And when the weather is not good or the dogs simply don’t want to be outside, they can be inside in air conditioned comfort in the summer, or they can enjoy underground radiant heat in the floors in the winter. There are windows so the dogs can look outside, and if the weather is really bad, we ‘rotate’ the dogs outside several times a day, so they are not exposed to the elements or bad conditions.

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