Luxury Cat Boarding in Sioux Falls

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At Precious Pets, we understand cats have a different set of needs than our canine guests. Our clean, spacious, and comfortable feline suites come with the loving attention of our staff to make your kitty friend feel right at home with our comfortable cat boarding in Sioux Falls.

Our cat lodging area features large windows for views of the outdoors and wildlife with plenty of natural sunlight. Our dog guests are lodged in a separate part of the facility, so our kitties enjoy peaceful surroundings in their own dedicated quarters.

Feline Accommodations

Our precious feline pets enjoy extra comfort and lots of privacy. Each kitty condo includes all the comforts of home, including plenty of space to lounge, perch, and play. Comfy bedding and favorite toys are included for every kitty. Your cat will enjoy:

  • A comfortable, climate-controlled environment for maximum comfort & relaxation
  • Large windows to the outdoors for natural sun and beautiful views
  • Raised bedding and fluffy blankets
  • Comprehensive wellness checks
  • The soothing sounds of music
  • Daily room service for always-fresh water, bedding, and litter
  • Two meals a day (or free feed). We recommend bringing your cat’s usual diet

Fun Activities for Happy Cats

Cats benefit from interaction and activities, too! We offer special activities & pampering to satisfy your cat’s need for entertainment & attention. Choose individual activities or try an activity package full of our most popular choices.

  • Interactive playtimes with fun toys & wands
  • One-on-one cuddle sessions with a cat-loving caregiver
  • Special homemade snacks
  • Bedtime tuck-ins complete with cuddles