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Our Countryside Resort

Precious Pets is located on 11 acres of beautiful land in the countryside, just minutes from Sioux Falls and Harrisburg in Canton, SD. Our quality overnight accommodations include multiple options, from themed suites to cozy condos. Our facility is temperature-controlled for year-round comfort, with clean and secure play areas indoors and out for lots of fun in all weather conditions.

Our kennel is staffed by highly trained and pet-loving professionals who treat every furry guest like family. Expert supervision, plenty of affection, and personalized attention await your dog.

Superior Accommodations & Amenities

  • Home-like overnight sleeping areas with luxury suite options available
  • Comfy bedding and fresh food and water bowls
  • Advanced climate control and fresh air exchange systems
  • Highly trained caregivers with behavioral specialist on staff
  • Outdoor and indoor play areas
  • Large windows in the lodging areas for natural sunlight and views of the outdoors
  • Daily wellness checks for extra peace of mind
  • Relaxing sounds of music
  • Daily feedings of your pet’s usual diet
  • At least 3 outdoor potty breaks

Exciting and Enriching Activity Packages

At Precious Pets, we pride ourselves on treating every furry guest as an individual. Part of this is our customizable, discounted activity package offerings. These special packages let pet parents choose the right levels of exercise, socialization, and stimulation to ensure their pup has the best possible time with us. Here are some of the activities you can choose from:

Social Playtime: If your dog loves nothing more than playing with their fellow canines, they’ll love romping and playing with our fully supervised playgroups. Social dogs enjoy multiple daily outings to our indoor and outdoor play areas, where they’re free to run, make new friends, and play to their hearts’ content.

Individual Playtime: Some dogs prefer smaller groups or just human playmates. We offer a special play option for these precious pets, including lots of one-on-one attention and private playtime. Your dog will get just as much entertainment and exercise at their pace and comfort level.

Love and Attention: Cuddle bugs prefer human attention above all else. We’ll pamper these pups with lots of affection, cuddles, and belly rubs. We’ll even tuck them in at night with a bedtime story.

Tasty Homemade Treats: We prepare tasty treats in-house, made from natural and wholesome ingredients. We deliver these scrumptious delights right to your pet’s door, like room service.

Gold Package: The Gold package includes a morning and afternoon daycare styled play session with or without other dogs. This time is fully supervised and provides additional outside time with safe and fun play with a special treat upon completion.

Silver Package: The Silver activity package includes an additional outside morning daycare styled play session with or without other dogs. This time is fully supervised and provides an additional half hour of play with a special treat upon completion.

Quality Dog Boarding FAQ

We understand it’s a big decision leaving your pup somewhere new. At Precious Pets, we go above and beyond to welcome our guests and settle them right in. Find out for yourself why we are better than a pet sitter. Here are some of the most common questions we get from first-time visitors.

Where will my dog be sleeping?
We have several accommodation options to suit every type of dog and personality. Choose a cozy canine condo, a room with private outdoor access, a fun themed suite, or even a luxury VIP experience. Call us today to find out more about our accommodations!
What about food and bedding?
We have clean, fresh bedding and blankets available at all times. Feel free to bring something from home with your scent on it to remind your pet of you. A shirt, pillowcase, or towel is perfect.

We encourage you to bring your pet’s usual diet, which we’ll feed twice daily or as directed. However, we do offer an in-house alternative for a small additional fee if you forget to bring it.

What about playtime?
At Precious Pets is you can choose what kind of playtime and how much your pet enjoys during their stay. We offer discounted, customizable activity packages filled with lots of fun and stimulating activities. Call us today to find out the best options for your pet.
What vaccinations do you require?

We do require certain vaccinations to ensure the health and safety of every pet in our care. For new visitors, we ask for proof of vaccination for Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. We also highly recommend the canine influenza vaccinations.

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