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Free Welcome Day of Play

We can’t wait for your precious pets to join us.
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For staffing purposes, reservations are required.
Free Day of Play subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers. Daycare discount applies to first-time daycare customers only.

Our Facility

At Precious Pets, dog daycare in Sioux Falls is the ideal place for your canine friend to get exercise, make new friends and have a blast under the care of our watchful staff. Our convenient Daycare facility offers climate-controlled indoor and outdoor play areas so your dog has plenty of space and fresh air to enjoy the day while you’re away. Plus, lots of furry and human friends!

A Perfect Place for Happy Dogs

Precious Pets was designed to be a place dogs want to come back to, wagging tails and all. Our fully supervised indoor/outdoor doggie daycare offers the best of a canine good time!

  • Climate-controlled indoor play areas for rainy days and even more space
  • Clean, outdoor play yards with turf made specially for our furry guests to enjoy
  • Perimeter fencing and double gated exits
  • Fun playground equipment including ramps, stairs, and tunnels
  • Playgrounds are always supervised and carefully selected
  • Ask us about our doggie birthday parties, holiday festivities, and other fun events!

Open Play Daycare

At Precious Pets, we have a unique ability to provide an open play style daycare. What this means is that we do not believe in kenneling your dog unless for behavioral purposes. They will be fully supervised in one of our multiple daycare rooms. We will figure out what your dog’s personality is and match them with similar personality styles so they are always going to be with their friends!

What Makes Dog Daycare the Best Option?

Dog daycare was built especially for canine safety and fun. Veterinarians agree it’s the healthiest environment for dogs to play together and spend the day enjoying mental and physical stimulation while you’re away from home. Pet parents trust dog daycare over other pet care options for a variety of important reasons:

  1. Safe & Supervised by Professionals. Our daycare facility is equipped with advanced safety features to ensure our furry visitors are secure at all times. These safety and wellness features include double fencing, temperature control and air exchange systems, 24/7 security, and double-gated exits. That’s not to mention our highly trained staff members who are thoroughly educated in canine body language, behavior, and group play protocols.
  2. Healthy, Controlled Social Environment. One of the most enriching activities for most dogs is playing with other pups and satisfying their natural pack instinct. Dog daycare offers a safe and healthy place for your dog to interact with other dogs who are fully vaccinated and evaluated for sociability. Other group play environments are uncontrolled and potentially risky.
  3. For Your Privacy and Security. Some pet care options include having a stranger come into your home. We’ve all heard the horror stories of theft and misuse of the home by irresponsible sitters. Bring your pet to dog daycare and preserve your peace of mind, as well as your safety and privacy.

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